Computer Help

Things you should know to avert calling help group

Things to do before calling help group

 Helpers List   (members who help members)   Everything you need for Home Networking 
 Recycle your old electronics   PC Help and Tech Support (weekly scheduled help) 
 Password Records Form   Stop Unwanted Calls and Mail 
 Computer Repair (local shops)   Do You have Vision Problems 
 Joe Zagar (personal web site)    List of the top free Security Programs
 7 Steps to Make Computers Accessible for the Elderly   Help for Social Butterflies 
 Avast Installation Instructions 12/3/2012  Mobile Phone data use Calculator 

Recycle your old Equipment (click here)

Serving online Seniors, and Batteries Plus are all drop off point for AZStRUT recycling
 Click Here for complete list of Open Source software and what it corresponds to in Windows, all programs are Windows compatible and are available free.

Windows 10 Help and Information
Prep for Windows 10 Differences for Windows 7 users Differences for Windows 8 users
Back up Windows 7 Back up Windows 8 ADW download instruction
Belarc Advisor Windows 10 Download Basic Facts Windows 10 Prep Checklist
Free Windows 10 Training Videos C/Net Guide to Windows 10 (9/15/15) Windows 10 headache free (9/15/15)
What's in the new update Windows 10 Anniversary Build  

Safety and security programs

 Avast Anti-virus   Ninite    Microsoft Security Essentials 
 Comodo  Anti-malware  Comodo Personal Firewall   Avira AV Anti-virus 
 Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer   Super Anti-spyware   AVG Anti-virus 
 CCleaner System Cleaner   Free Port Scanning   MalwareBytes  
 Disable Java for safety     Get help from Microsoft    

Browsers and e-mail clients

 Firefox Browser   Sea Monkey Browser   Opera Browser 
 Chrome Browser   Avant Browser   Mail Washer 
 Thunderbird Mail Client   Google g-mail   
Free on line PDF Editor    

Gizmo's Tech support letter

Top 46 Free Programs + many more

Utilities and Readers

 Revo Uninstaller   PC Decrapifier   BelArc Advisor 
 AusLogic Defragger   100 free Utility Programs   Jing Screen Capture 
 Open Office   AbiWord   Evernote 
 Edit Pad Lite   Irfanview Photo Editor   Photo Story
 Just Zipit   Cute PDF writer   XP Power Toys 
 CDburnerXPPro  Explorer2 Lite  Audacity Audio Recorder
 Nuance PDF creator   Team Viewer   Skype 
 PC Pitstop (open source)   Ninite (one stop shopping  for free downloads)   Adobe Reader 
 Composite Photo Editor (ICE)   Enable Windows 7 Dream Scene   Hundreds of Free USB Applications  

Computer Informational links

 Windows Marketplace   Google 
 Ask Earth   Microsoft 
 Dog Pile search engine   AZACC  Arizona user groups
 ProTonic   Windows Secrets 
 Elder Geek   Tech Net 
 Microsoft Knowledge Base   Microsoft Fix-it 
 Data Dr   Serving online Seniors 
 Mac Addict   Windows 7 Pocket Guide
   Windows 7 Power User Guide 

Help Sites for Specific Programs or Needs

 Data Base Answers   Data Base Naming Conventions 
 Microsoft Office   Outlook Express Tutorial 
 Glossary of Computer Terms   List of File Types 
 msconfig Definitions   Procexp 
 High Tech Dictionary   What is my IP address 
 What is my MAC address   Windows 7 Event Viewer  (How-To)
 Face Book Privacy Scanner  BSOD Viewer (not for beginners) 
 Create Photo Collage (free program)   BSOD (survival guide) 
Excel Easy